Charged with a DUI in Kirkland?

If you or a loved one has been pulled over for a DUI and has no idea how to proceed, you need to speak with Attorney Karlie Valdez as soon as possible. The consequences of a drunk driving arrest, charge or conviction can be life changing.

Karlie Valdez has both the legal and scientific knowledge to effectively defend your DUI charge.

Each case we handle is unique. All our clients can count on peace of mind, aggressive defense strategies and exceptional service.

Peace of Mind

Karlie Valdez has successfully defended individuals in Kirkland, WA for over a decade. Many people who have been arrested in Kirkland are released from the police station feeling completely lost about what to do next. After having a free consultation with Karlie Valdez many clients feel less stressed and more empowered about what to expect going forward.

Exceptional Service

Valdez Law is unique in that we place client care as our top priority. Karlie Valdez is local to Kirkland. If you need a consultation after work she can often accommodate your schedule. When you have questions you will be able to reach Karlie Valdez directly. You will never be routed to a receptionist and your case will not be passed off to a junior associate.

A Strategic Defense

Valdez Law has spent over a decade tailoring strategies that work in a Kirkland DUI case. Each client deserves the best possible defense. The facts of your case are unique. Karlie Valdez will listen to your story and carefully review the evidence in your case to formulate the best possible defense strategy.

Your Advocate Who Cares

After meeting Karlie many clients feel that she has shined a light upon what feels like a dark situation. She shows her clients a level of compassion that is difficult to find elsewhere. At Valdez Law you will never be just another file brought into the courtroom. Karlie intentionally keeps her law practice small so that she can get to know you and make you a priority.

According to Washington’s laws, a person is guilty of DUI if they have a BAC of .08 or higher—OR—if they are affected by intoxicating liquor.

Many people spend time thinking about whether they would blow under or over .08 before driving. Sadly, this is the wrong analysis.

A driver must consider whether they are “affected by” whatever they drank. If a person’s driving or behavior shows that they are affected by alcohol than law enforcement will arrest them. Over the years, Attorney Karlie Valdez has defended adults who had a BAC as high as .29 percent and others whose BAC was as low as a .05 percent. For those under 21 years of age the DUI penalties apply when the BAC is a mere .02 percent.

If you are arrested for DUI the severity of your charges will vary. You will likely face the following penalties:
-A minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of one year in jail
-Between $865 and $5000 in fines
-Driver’s License Suspension for at least 90 days and up to 2 years
-Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (IID)
*It is important to note that refusing to take a breath test at the police station will often result in an automatic license suspension for a minimum of one year. A DUI conviction is expensive. The fees associated with installation and continued use of an IID typically run $50-$100 per month. If a person has prior offenses or had a high BAC they will likely be ordered to get a SCRAM (alcohol detection bracelet).

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Kirkland DUI lawyer, Karlie Valdez, explains what to expect if you’ve recently been arrested in Washington State. If you’re facing a DUI charge you need an experienced DUI attorney at arraignment For more info on the breath test or sobriety tests,

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Find out why the Seattle community needs Karlie Valdez on their side.

Karlie Valdez represented me on a DUI charge that was made further difficult by public defense advice during detainment and again at the arraignment. She set the correct expectations before accepting the case and then defended me through to a result that exceeded those expectations. Not only was Karlie very knowledgable and thorough, she treated me with respect and compassion during a very stressful time. This approach made it easier to endure the process with the patience that is required to reach the best result. I highly recommend her to anyone needing legal representation of any kind.

Karlie Valdez is a Great Defense Lawyer for Kirkland DUI Chargesfrom Avvo

When I had a consultation with Karlie she let me know of all my options honestly and thoroughly. When we spoke about the easiest and cheapest route to take the case she told me that she would do it. No upsell or pressure. But I asked her to fight for me and she seemed eager to get to work. Her price was fair and I believed in her. Karlie told me what she could do with the case, to me it seemed like a dream. But I believed in her.

Highly Recommended for Kirkland DUIfrom Avvo

Throughout the case Karlie was available for my numerous questions and concerns. She was prompt at returning e-mails and phone calls. I appreciated her realistic and honest advice about possible outcomes of the case. Her expertise and integrity are a commanding force in the courtroom. She was always prepared and helpful explaining the process of the court system. My license suspension was dismissed and I’m pleased and thankful for the outcome of a deferred prosecution.

Karlie Valdez is Highly Recommendfrom Avvo

Karlie represented me in a difficult domestic violence case. The police report was ugly but she took my case and treated me like a friend. We got the best possible outcome (case dismissed!) and I truly believe it wouldn’t have gone so well in my favor without her. I would absolutely recommend Karlie Valdez to any of my friends because she was highly capable and almost as importantly, to me at least, never made me feel like a criminal client but instead a good person who needed her help. You couldn’t do better than her in my opinion.

Best Possible Outcomefrom Avvo

How our Kirkland DUI Defense Attorneys Can Fight Your Charges

As a client of Valdez Law, you will work directly with senior partner Karlie Valdez. Karlie has the litigation experience and proven track record to get you a favorable outcome on your DUI case. Whether you want a jury trial or a settlement Valdez Law provides exceptional criminal defense at an affordable rate. We are never too busy to provide the personalized attention our clients need and deserve. All client inquires are responded to within 24 hours.

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