I got a DUI in Kirkland. What is SCRAM?

Many people who attend their first court date for a DUI in Kirkland leave the courthouse thinking “what is SCRAM & why did the Judge just order me to get it?”

SCRAM is a 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing device worn around the ankle.  The Court has the right to order conditions of release at the first Court hearing (Arraignment).  If your case involves a high breath test or you have a history of alcohol related traffic violations the Judge may order you to get SCRAM within a very short time period after the first court date.  The Court’s intention is to protect society, protect you and enforce the Court order for you to have no alcohol consumption while the case is pending.  If you drink alcohol while wearing a SCRAM device the Court will be notified.

Alcohol metabolizes quickly, which means clients can drink around random and scheduled breath tests.  SCRAM aims at solving this problem by continuously monitoring a person for alcohol consumption.

Many people intend to quit drinking after that first court date but find that it’s easier said than done.

SCRAM is a key part of helping DUI programs assess offenders, enforce accountability and compliance, and address the root cause of drunk driving: alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction.​

Let’s not forget that SCRAM is an ankle bracelet that must be worn around the clock (even while sleeping & showering).  It can be burdensome for those with sensitive skin and especially problematic for those who work in the service industry and have frequent contact with alcohol.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer right away can potentially save you from having to get SCRAM.  If you’ve recently been ordered to get SCRAM and have not yet hired a DUI lawyer call Valdez Law for legal advice about your situation.

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